How Royal Mail collection manifest works

  • The collection manifest is the list of parcels that you are sending that day, it is used when you hand over the parcels to Royal Mail and they normally sign it and give a copy back for you to keep.

  • Once you submit a collection manifest from Veeqo, this will send the information to Royal Mail, who use this information to bill you. You can edit the collection manifest before it gets submitted, so you can remove parcels for example.

  • Once the collection manifest has been submitted you can not edit it, you will need to log into your Royal Mail OBA account to make any changes.

  • When you have finished printing Royal Mail labels for the day you follow the steps below to print you collection manifest in Veeqo.

  • If you forget to create a manifest Veeqo will automatically create one at 11pm every weekday.

Note: We don't auto-create manifests on non-working days(including bank holidays)

1. Go to Settings > Collection Manifests


2. You can view previous collection manifest here, but if you want to create a new collection manifest then click New Collection Manifest

3. You will now see a list of Royal Mail labels created since the last collection manifest was done; check they are all OK. You can then click on a shipment to see its details and then delete a shipment if you wish. If its OK then click Create at the bottom. Once you click Create, we will inform Royal Mail about these shipments and its at this stage you will get billed for them.


4. It will take a few minutes to generate the collection manifest, once its ready you will be able to click it in the main list, and click the link Download Collection Manifest which creates a PDF for you to print. Normally you would print two copies, one to give to Royal Mail when you handover your parcels and once copy they sign for you to keep.

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