Currently you can print up to 100 orders Royal Mail shipping labels with a few clicks. Before you can Bulk Ship with Royal Mail you will need to connect your Royal Mail account into Veeqo,
Connect your Royal Mail account

Once you have connected your account and your services have synced into Veeqo, you can then start to bulk ship your orders. To make this task a little easier, you can create Order Rules which will automatically assign the shipping service to your orders depending on the rule that has been created.

How to bulk ship your orders:

  • Go to Orders page

  • Select the Ready to Ship filter

  • Apply additional order filtering if needed

  • Select the orders you'd like to bulk ship

  • Click on ACTIONS

  • Click Ship Orders

  • There is a Show Options button where you can if you wish to send an email confirmation to the customer and update the store.

  • Once you are happy with the selection, Click Ship

  • Click print and your labels will print out one after the other (labels will open in PDF format in a new tab depending if you have Auto-Print enabled ). Alternatively you can close this page and print invoices with the labels embedded if you prefer, see integrated invoices for more info.



Note: If the labels do not open in a new tab then please check you do not have pop-ups blocked as this will prevent the labels from opening. You must also ensure you have product weights and dimensions as certain carrier require weights and dimensions.


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