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Ship an order and print Royal Mail shipping label
Ship an order and print Royal Mail shipping label
Learn how to create a Royal Mail Shipping label for one order at a time.
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only.

This will explain how to create a Royal Mail shipping label for an individual, you can also read a guide to create Royal Mail labels in bulk.

1. In the order list screen click "Ship" in the actions column for the order OR you can click into a single order and on the next screen click the "Ship" button.

2. Choose a Royal Mail service that is available under "Royal Mail" in the right hand screen. You can save time and automate the selection of service by using Automation Rules.

3. To ensure you can create a shipping label, the total weight should be above 0 and you should have a valid shipping address for the order and also a valid address in your main location (the from address).

4. Click ship in bottom right of screen. This will generate your Shipping Label and open this in a pdf ready to send to print. You can automate sending the label to printer by installing Direct Print

5. Every day you need to create a collection manifest for Royal Mail. If you do not create a manifest we will generate one for you at 11pm

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