Royal Mail Overview
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only.

Veeqo doesn't need to integrate with Click and Drop as we currently support all information and services that Click and Drop supports.

Veeqo supports the printing of Royal Mail standard 6" x 4 labels which includes:

  • Shipping address

  • 2D barcode

  • Tracking number

  • Barcode

Collection manifests can also be created in Veeqo once you've printed all your labels for the day and your information will be sent to Royal Mail, ready to bill you.

How does it work?

  • Veeqo has a direct integration with Royal Mail, so you can print shipping labels for all your Royal Mail services without leaving Veeqo.

  • The integration works with over 150 Royal Mail services including tracked, non-tracked and international services. Any new services that are added to your account and are active, will sync into Veeqo each day.

  • You can print labels one by one OR you can create and bulk print up to 100 labels at a time 

  • By setting up order rules you can assign Royal Mail services to orders or you can have the Royal Mail label integrated into your invoice.

  • In Veeqo you simply select the Royal Mail service and click SHIP and a label will appear. 

  • The labels are the standard 6" x 4" labels which Royal Mail use, which includes shipping address, 2D barcode, tracking number and barcode. these are provided for free by Royal Mail.

  • You need a Royal Mail Online Business Account which normally gives you discount pricing over standard post offices rates.

  • After you have finished printing your labels for the day you can create and print a collection manifest in Veeqo. If you forget to create a manifest one will automatically be created at 11pm every weekday.

Setting up your Royal Mail account

Note: Veeqo replaces your need for Royal Mails Click and Drop system as you will be able to print your labels and collection manifest from within Veeqo. You can learn more here

Royal Mail 24/48 Service

The "Royal Mail 24/48" service contains both 24 and 48 hours services. By default, it is set to First Class - 24 hours service. However, you can choose the one you need from the Postal Class drop-down menu:

  • First Class as Royal Mail 24 hours

  • Second Class as Royal Mail 48 hours

Royal Mail: Electronic Pre-Advice Data internationally

Electronic pre-advice is information you provide electronically about the sender, the receiver and the goods you are sending abroad.

It includes information required for overseas customs and to help overseas postal services to contact the customer in case of problems with their parcel.

The data provided includes:

  • Sender details (name, address, telephone number and email)

  • Recipient details (name, address - including destination country)

  • Item details (description, quantity, weight)

  • Trade Tariff Code and country of origin of contents

Veeqo provides this data to Royal Mail via our API to the Royal Mail systems.

Rotate Royal Mail Label

The Royal Mail label can be set to be rotated 180 degrees. This is useful if your labels are portrait.

1. Go to Settings > Shipping carrier integrations

2. Click on your Royal Mail integration

3. Click on Edit under the Action column.

4. Check the option Rotate Shipping Label 180 Degrees and click Save.

Royal Mail Return & Collection Address

The return and collection address on your Royal Mail labels is taken directly from your Location address stored in Veeqo.

Royal Mail requires your return address to match your collection address. If you want to change both your return and collection address then follow the steps below:

2. Click on the Location linked with your Royal Mail account and hit Edit.

3. Enter the new Location address and click Save.

All Royal Mail labels will now show your new return address.

Uppercase Font For Royal Mail Labels

The Royal Mail label can be set to use uppercase characters for your shipping address.

1. Click here to access Carrier Integration Page

2. Click "Connect" on the Royal Mail integration

3. Click on Edit under the Action column.

4. Check the option Uppercase Address On Shipping Label and click Save.

View Royal Mail Shipment Details

From the Orders page find the order and click onto it to bring up the Order Summary.

Here you will see the date and time of the shipment along with the Tracking or Delivery confirmation number where applicable.

If you require further information, such as which service was used, then you can reprint the shipping label by click the Shipping Label icon

Bulk Ship with Royal Mail

Currently you can print up to 100 orders Royal Mail shipping labels with a few clicks.

  1. Go to Orders page

  2. Select the Ready to Ship filter

  3. Apply additional order filtering if needed or save time by creating your own Order Views

  4. Select the orders you'd like to bulk ship

  5. Click on ACTIONS

  6. Click Ship Orders

7. This will open the Bulk Ship Screen.

Note: To make this task a little easier, you can create Automation Rules which will automatically assign the shipping service to your orders.

8. If you have used Automation Rules then the Service, Parcel Type & Postal Class, along with any enhancements will be pre-populated. If not simply select the relevant services for each order

9. There is a Show Options button where you can if you wish to send an email confirmation to the customer and update the store.

10. Once you are happy with the selection, Click Ship (bottom right)

11. Select your preferred printing template (defaults to Label) Click print and your labels will print out one after the other (labels will open in PDF format in a new tab depending if you have Direct Print enabled ).

Note: If the labels do not open in a new tab then please check you do not have pop-ups blocked as this will prevent the labels from opening. You must also ensure you have product weights as Royal Mail will not allow a shipment to be created with a 0g weight

Royal Mail shipping label showing as N/A parcel type

When shipping with Royal Mail you may find that the Parcel Type is marked as N/A. This is intended behaviour for shipments when the parcel type is part of the service you choose, this will not cause any issues with your shipments.

For example, since Royal Mail Tracked 24 & Tracked 48 have separate services for each parcel type therefore there is no need to show the parcel type on the label.

Below is an example of what the label will look like -


Sending shipping notifications to customers

Adding shipping notifications manually

You can select your preferred method of notification when shipping an order under the Enhancements field as per the screenshot below:


Adding shipping notifications in a rule

Automation Rules are great way of removing the manual aspect of this, ensuring the correct notification method is automatically selected when shipping.


Are the quotes that are returned in Veeqo the same as if I were to ship via the "couriers portal"?

Veeqo does not display rates when you connect your own Royal Mail OBA Account, only services. We will transmit all services used once the manifest is created in Veeqo and Royal Mail will charge you as per your agreed rate.

Can you leave a package at a 'Safeplace'?

Yes, you can. You can add the Safeplace option under Enhancements when you select a service in Veeqo. However, you can only use the Safeplace option where applicable as per the Royal Mail Product's description.

Can you use the same Royal Mail account across multiple locations in Veeqo?
Each location in Veeqo will require its own unique set of credentials. This is because each location requires a unique Posting Location Number to be used as the "sent from" address.

Can I use a Click and Drop account for my Royal mail integration in Veeqo?
Veeqo only currently supports OBA accounts which support all information and services that Click and Drop offers.

Does IOSS work with all Royal Mail products/codes?

IOSS is only available on certain Royal Mail product codes. You can see Royal Mail’s list of IOSS supported codes here

How do I create a Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA)?
You can register for OBA here

Can I edit a Royal Mail manifest?
If you delete a shipment before creating the manifest then that shipment won't appear on your manifest. After the manifest is generated you will need to Contact your Royal Mail account manager to make any relevant changes to the manifest.

Can I schedule collection from multiple locations with a single Royal Mail account?
Each location needs its own Posting Location Number (PLN) so you’ll need to speak with your Royal Mail account manager about getting your account set up with unique PLNs for each individual location. You will need to follow the normal connection process for each location in Veeqo.

My OBA email address is correct but the Veeqo support representative said it is not a valid OBA email address
If the OBA portal is not accessed for a long period of time, then the account becomes dormant and will not be available for new API connections. You will still be able to use existing connections when this happens. In order to resolve this you can log in to your OBA portal to reactivate the account.

My Royal Mail manifest does not show the average weights for tracked shipments
Royal Mail does not display average weight for tracked services because they have weight ranges for these services. When your parcel gets to Royal Mail they will weigh your parcel and base the cost of the service off of that weight.

Why am I getting the error message ‘allocation warehouse does not have a royal mail account attached’?
This means that your Royal Mail account has been deactivated by Royal Mail. This usually happens when you miss a payment so Royal Mail has suspended your services. Service restoration can take up to 72 hours after the outstanding payment is cleared.

Are delivery confirmation barcodes available for Royal Mail first class and Royal
Mail second class?

Royal Mail First-class and Second-class parcels and large letter services include delivery confirmation, once the shipment has been scanned on delivery. If you use one of these products without a barcode, contact your Royal Mail account manager or Royal Mail directly, to update your services to a barcoded product.
Standard letter-sized products for Royal Mail first class and second-class stamps (max: 100 g, 24 x 16.5 x 0.5 cm) do not include scans and are exempted from Amazon's VTR policy, if bought through Amazon Buy Shipping, at no additional cost. For more information about the list of exempted shipments for VTR calculation, go to Valid Tracking Rate (VTR). Go to Royal Mail’s website for details on permitted products for business post letter ship methods.

I would like to start collecting tax on behalf of international customers, how does this work from a shipping label point of view?
Royal Mail now have specific services to choose to indicate if Tax is Delivered Duty Paid or Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDP or DDU). The actual mechanics of the tax collection is handled by Royal Mail. Here is a guide for more information.

If I connect my own Royal Mail account and ship in Veeqo, would those labels qualify for Amazon VTR as opposed to buying from Buy Shipping?
You need to ship with Royal Mail services through Buy Shipping in Veeqo to qualify as a valid tracked service.


If you’re having issues using your Royal Mail account with Veeqo, check out these troubleshooting guides:

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