Royal Mail Overview
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only.

How does it work?

  • Veeqo has a direct integration with Royal Mail, so you can print shipping labels for all your Royal Mail services without leaving Veeqo.

  • The integration works with over 150 Royal Mail services including tracked, non-tracked and international services. Any new services that are added to your account and are active, will sync into Veeqo each day.

  • You can print labels one by one OR you can create and bulk print up to 100 labels at a time 

  • By setting up order rules you can assign Royal Mail services to orders or you can have the Royal Mail label integrated into your invoice.

  • In Veeqo you simply select the Royal Mail service and click SHIP and a label will appear. 

  • The labels are the standard 6" x 4" labels which Royal Mail use, which includes shipping address, 2D barcode, tracking number and barcode. these are provided for free by Royal Mail.

  • You need a Royal Mail Online Business Account which normally gives you discount pricing over standard post offices rates.

  • After you have finished printing your labels for the day you can create and print a collection manifest in Veeqo. If you forget to create a manifest one will automatically be created at 11pm every weekday.

Setting up your Royal Mail account 

Note: Veeqo replaces your need for Royal Mails Click and Drop system as you will be able to print your labels and collection manifest from within Veeqo. You can learn more here

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