Bulk Ship With DHL Parcel
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only.

You can bulk ship up to 100 Orders using the same DHL Parcel Service.

1. Tick check box next to the orders you wish to bulk ship using DHL Parcel OR you can create an Order View to automatically filter your DHL Parcel Orders.


2. Click Actions button and then click Ship Orders


3. In the ship screen that popups, select from the drop down DHL Parcel UK and wait for the screen to update

4. You can now select the various DHL Parcel UK options such as service, signature etc, once you have chosen all the correct options you should check you have valid weights for each order and if sending by packets service make sure you get parcel dimensions.

5. Click the Ship button and Veeqo will generate a shipment for each order. Once complete you will see the confirmation screen

6. Click Print to get your Shipping Label PDF or enable Direct Print so that labels are sent straight to the designated printer

7. You can also print your invoice/packing slip from the the drop down (optional)


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