You are be able to create UK Mail shipments within Veeqo and print labels ready for your UK Mail Collection.

Connecting your UK Mail Account

1. Hover over Settings and click Shipping from the dropdown menu


2. Click on Connect next to UK Mail

3. Enter your UK Mail account Username & Password. Enter the collection details and then hit Connect your account

You can select which Pre-Delivery Notifications you wish to enable with your UK Mail Account


How to create UK Mail Shipping labels

1. Head to the orders screen and click Ship next to the order you wish to ship. 

The available UK Mail services will appear under the UK Mail section. Check the box for the service you wish to use and your account details, service & delivery type options will appear. 

2. Hit ship once you are ready and your label will open in a new tab for you to print.


UK Mail Manifest

We will be adding a feature to enable you to create and print a UK Mail collection manifest but for now please log into your UK Mail account to do this once you have created all of your shipments for the day.

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