Ship An Order With DHL
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only. For US sellers please see this guide.

1. In order to ship an order head to the Orders page then click the Ship button on an order.


2. On the right hand side you will see the courier list you have integrated. If an Automation Rule has been applied the service should already be selected for you, hit Ship (bottom right). If no Automation rules then manually select the correct service then hit Ship

3. Veeqo will use the order weight for the order but you have the option of adding the Parcel Dimensions to ensure correct Volumetric Weight is calculated with DHL. If any amendments made here then you will need to click update quotes before you can generate Shipping Label


The order will then be marked as shipped and your DHL label for this order will automatically opened in a new tab ready to print. If you enable Direct Print then the label will be sent directly to the designated printer rather than opening as a PDF. Your DHL account will be charged for this service..

If enabled within Store Settings Veeqo will also update order status on the remote store and send a Shipping confirmation email to your customer

Shipping international

If you are shipping a parcel internationally, see this guide.

Multi Parcel Shipments

Please see this guide for Multi Parcel Shipments with DHL


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