You may find that you'd like to update or change the contents of your kits in Veeqo. Please follow the steps below to remove or update products from your Kits/Bundles. 

To create a brand new Kit/Bundle check out the Creating A Kit/Bundle guide

Edit a Kit / Bundle

  • Go to the Inventory page and find the Kit.

  • Click on it and select Kits from the product menu at the top

  • This kit has two items. SKU: HBB1123233 & SKU: MBTEST. In this example we want to remove one product from the kit.

  • Hit the bin icon next to the product that you want to remove and you'll be prompted to confirm this.

  • Once confirmed the product will be completely removed from the current kit.

Important Note

There must always be a minimum of 1 product inside a kit. If you would like to remove all the products from a kit then you must delete the entire kit first. To do this follow the steps in the Delete A Product guide.


As a work-around if you want to replace all the contents of a kit with new items you can simply remove all the contents, except the last item. Then add the updated contents before removing the final item that was left over from the original kit. 

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