Connect DHL
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only

How to connect your DHL account with Veeqo

1. Click here to access Carrier Integrations page

2. Click on Connect next to the DHL logo to bring up the account details window

3. Fill in your DHL account details. Click Connect to save and activate your DHL integration.

Note: DHL and DHL parcel (Formally known as UK Mail) are two separate connections. If you have a DHL account please enter your credentials into the DHL shipping section. If you have a DHL parcel account, please follow this help guide

We recommend that you set your customer services team contact phone number as the Veeqo Location number. This is because the contact phone number and address shown on the shipping label will be the location the order is shipped from. For help on creating and editing a location check out this guide

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