By connecting your DHL account to Veeqo you'll be able to:

  • Ship your orders using DHL services from the ORDERS page

  • Automatically notify DHL the moment you mark your orders as shipped

  • Batch or individually print our your DHL labels directly from Veeqo

Note: DHL and DHL parcel (Formally known as UK Mail) are two separate connections. If you have a DHL account please enter your credentials into the DHL shipping section. If you have a DHL parcel account, please follow this help guide

If you don't currently have a DHL account then you could benefit from the best rates available by signing up using Veeqo Shipping. For more information on this please follow the below steps and at Step 3 hit Register Interest instead of filling in your DHL Account Details.

Before adding your own DHL account to Veeqo you'll need to make sure you have noted down your following DHL account details:

  • DHL Account Number

  • DHL Inbound Account Number (used for return international shipping labels)

  • DHL Username

  • DHL Password 

We recommend that you set your customer services team contact phone number as the Veeqo Warehouse number. This is because the contact phone number and address shown on the shipping label will be the warehouse the order is shipped from. For help on creating and editing a warehouse check out this guide

How to connect your DHL account with Veeqo

1. To connect you existing DHL account first head to the shipping section by hovering your mouse over Settings and clicking on Shipping

2. Click on Connect next to the DHL logo to bring up the account details window

3. Fill in your DHL account details. If you wold like your customers to receive Email Notifications directly from DHL choose Yes for this option. Click Connect to save and activate your DHL integration.

We'll then activate your DHL account within 24 hours Mon-Fri and drop you a message once it's ready for use.

If you would like to create a Veeqo Shipping DHL Account then click on the Register Interest button instead of completing the Connect Your Own DHL Account section.

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