In Veeqo, you can add additional images to your products, replace existing images or add brand new ones.

There is also a setting available in Veeqo against your store, which when enabled it can sync your store's images against the products that the store is linked to. To learn more about this, follow this guide.

Add images to your products

  • Go to the Inventory page¬†

  • Then click on the product you wish to assign images to

  • The product summary will then open

  • Click on the Images tab (in the blue bar running across the top of the screen)

  • You can then start to add images by clicking the + NEW IMAGE button

  • You can then start to drag and drop your images or select your image file

  • If you have multiple images and you wish to re-arrange their position. You can do this by clicking on the image and moving them around.

You can now select if you wish to assign the image to all of the variants or if you want individual pictures for each variant. To do this,

  • First click on the image and then click on Actions.

  • To assign a certain image to a variant, you will need to tick the check-box under the Select column against the variant you wish to add the image to, and then select Assign Image from the actions drop down menu.

  • You can also Delete the image in the drop down under Actions.¬†

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