If you use BIN Locations, you can add these to the products in Veeqo.

These locations will be available on your picking lists and CSV Product exports, helping you find and pick your products faster.

Add locations to your products

  • Go to the Inventory page and click on one of your products

  • Alongside each location name there is a blank space where you can enter the product location.

  • Click there and type the location you'd like to add, then click anywhere outside the area or hit Return to save this

  • For variated products, make sure you select the correct location from the dropdown menu:

  • The bin location field is located below the variant title/SKU:

Note: If you'd like to add product locations to your items in bulk you can do this by editing a CSV of your products. For more details on how to do this please check out the guide How To Bulk Update Products

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