NOTE: This feature is in an OPEN BETA. It is your responsibility to perform a test shipment and check that the details including the amount you are charged is correct. If you notice any issues stop using the integration immediately and contact Veeqo Support. We do not recommend that you use Beta integrations to ship large quantities of parcels.

To connect your Australia Post account you must first Get Your Live API Key and you will also need your account number and password. Once you have these details follow the steps below.

  1. First make sure your Veeqo Warehouse has the same address as your Australia Post account. This is used as your default collection address for Australia Post. If the address does not match your Australia Post account you won't be able to connect your account.

Check out This Guide to change your Veeqo Warehouse address.

2. Go to Settings>Shipping and click Connect next to Australia Post

3. Enter your details:

  • Account Number - Your 10 digit Australia Post Account number

  • Username - Your Australia Post API Key

  • Password - The password you use to login to API

Choose the size label you want to use when shipping in Veeqo. Then hit Connect

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