The Australian Postal Corporation, operating as Australia Post, is the government-owned corporation that provides postal services in Australia.

How does it work?

You must have your own Australia Post account in order to have this integration activated on your Veeqo account.

  • Veeqo has direct integration with Australia Post, so you can print shipping labels for all your Australia Post domestic and international services without leaving Veeqo, no manual import/export is required to get the label.

  • The integration works with all Australia Post services.

  • You will have to log in to our ParcelBright portal to generate your daily manifest.

  • We support outputting label in both A4 and 6x4 thermal label format.

  • You can print labels one by one, or you can create up to 100 labels at a time as long as all orders are going with the same service. 

How To Connect

  1. If you haven't used your Australia Post account with any 3rd Party App before you must first get an API Key. Check out the Get Australia Post API Key guide first.

  2. Once you have your credentials you can then Add Australia Post Credentials to Veeqo.

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