Amazon Logistics / Amazon Buy Shipping is label service, where you can buy shipping labels for various carriers through Amazon Seller Central (and Veeqo) for your Amazon orders.


  • You can only use Amazon Logistics/Buy Shipping for your Amazon orders and not for orders from other platforms. ¬†Amazon does offer a separate service called Amazon Shipping for shipping non Amazon orders.

  • You must use Buy Shipping for your Prime orders to maintain your Fulfilled Prime status. You cannot use the direct carrier integration in Veeqo.

How does it work?

You must be an Amazon marketplace seller and enrolled into Amazon Buy Shipping program. You can use Amazon Logistics/Buy Shipping to fulfil Amazon Prime order using your own inventory.

  • Veeqo has direct integration with Amazon Logistics/Buy Shipping, so you can print shipping labels for all your Amazon orders domestic and international services without leaving Veeqo, no manual import/export is required to get the label.

  • The integration works with all Amazon Logistics/Buy Shipping services.

  • You will have to log in to your Amazon Sellers Central Account to generate the collection manifest. Go to "Orders>order reports>end of day reports>create collection forms"

  • We support outputting label in both A4 and 6x4 thermal label format.

  • You can print labels one by one, or you can create up to 100 labels at a time as long as all orders are going with the same service.

Please refer to this guide here on how to enable Amazon Logistics/Buy Shipping options for your Amazon orders.

You must accept all terms and conditions on your Amazon account. you can do so at:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

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