Before you can start shipping your first order in Veeqo you must first Connect your Amazon Shipping account and Create a Test Label

In order to ship an order head to the Orders page then click the Ship on an order.


1. On the right-hand side you will see all the couriers you have enabled and the shipment quote for this particular order with Amazon Shipping

Note: Amazon Shipping quotes will appear within the Amazon Logistics carrier section.

2. You will then need to enter the dimensions and weight of the parcel and click refresh quotes. You can also change the country of origin if necessary.

3. Once you have refreshed quotes you will need to reconfirm the service you require then hit the Ship button

The order will then be marked as shipped and your Amazon shipping label for this order will automatically open in a new tab ready to print. Your Amazon shipping account will be charged for this services and Amazon shipping will be notified for the collection. 

Note: Due to a limitation on Amazon, you must have a positive total price in order to ship with Amazon Shipping.

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