To connect your DHL DE account to Veeqo so you can start generating your Shipping labels follow the steps below


1. Sign into your DHL DE account and head to Contract data>Contract items. For each service that your account has enabled you will see a 14 character code. This is made up of your Account Number, Product Code and Participation Number.

2. Copy the account number (the first 10 digits) from any of the services, this should be the same for any services in your DHL DE account.

3. Log into Veeqo and head to Settings>Shipping and click Connect on DHL DE. 

4. Paste the Account Number into the Account Number field in Veeqo. Then enter your Username and Password that you use to login to your DHL DE account area.

5. Choose your Label size and hit Connect Your Account

6. Before you can start Shipping in Veeqo with DHL DE you need to send the Veeqo Support Team your Participation Numbers for each service you want to use. To do this copy the list of services below and paste it into a Chat session by hitting the Help button int he bottom right hand corner of any Veeqo screen.

Then enter your Participation Number next to each service you would like to use.

Hey! Please could you add the following Participation Numbers to my DHL DE account:

  1. DHL Paket = 

  2. DHL Paket Prio = 

  3. DHL Paket Taggleich = 

  4. DHL Paket International = 

  5. DHL Europaket = 

  6. DHL Paket Connect = 

  7. DHL Kurier Taggleich = 

  8. DHL Kurier Wunschzeit = 

The support team will get this setup and drop you a message once it's done. You will then be able to start generating your Shipping Labels in Veeqo

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