What services are available? 

  • DHL Paket

  • DHL Paket Prio

  • DHL Paket Taggleich

  • DHL Paket International

  • DHL Europaket

  • DHL Paket Connect

  • DHL Kurier Taggleich

  • DHL Kurier Wunschzeit

If you need to use more than one service please contact Veeqo support and have your Participation Number for each DHL DE service you wish to use. 

Are the quotes that are returned in Veeqo the same as if I were to ship via the couriers portal?

  • The rates are not shown in Veeqo but you will be charged the same amount as your agreed rate with the DHL DE.

If the quotes aren’t the same, who do I talk too? 

  • Veeqo support

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