When you add a new listing to one of your stores Veeqo can automatically pull in the data and create a product out of this. However, you may want to add a product into Veeqo that isn't on your store or marketplace.

*Here is a video on Your Veeqo product catalogue

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Create A Simple Product

A simple product is a product without any variations.
Only fields with a ‘*’ are mandatory to create your product.

  •  To create a new product, go to the Inventory page and select the + New Product button.

  • Here on the new product screen, you can add all your product details. The fields with a '*' are the required fields you need to create your product.

The details you can add to your product are:

  • Name, SKU and the retail price excluding tax. (required fields)

  • Stock quantity's for each of your stock locations

  • Brand name

  • Barcode (EAN, UPC)

  • Origin country (where the product comes from)

  • Estimated delivery time (how many days it will take to ship the product)

  • Dimensions and weight of the product (these are recommended so your product is ready to ship)

  • Pricing (cost price, tax rate percentage and the retail price including tax)

  • Minimum stock level (when the stock reaches this level, it should be reordered) and reorder quantity (how much should be reordered when it reaches the minimum stock level)

  • Sub-location for each of your stock locations

  • As this is a simple product, section 2 in the form to 'add options' doesn't apply.

  • Once you have filled the product information in, select the Create A Product button in the bottom right corner and you'll see the product appear in your main products list.


Create A Product With Variations

A product that has variations, includes other options such as sizes and colours.

  • Follow steps 1 & 2 of creating a simple product and complete your products details.

  • When you get to section 2 in the form, select Add More Variants.

A table will now show asking for the individual details for each variant. This includes:

  • Variant name

  • SKU

  • Cost

  • Retail price excluding tax

  • Tax rate percentage

  • Retail price including tax

  • Barcode

  • Minimum stock level

  • Reorder level

Use the Add More Variants button to add another variant row. If you've made a mistake and want to remove a variant, use the Remove trash icon.

  •  Your product is ready to be created! Select the Create A Product button in the bottom right corner and you'll see the product appear in your main products list.

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