Enable Infinite Stock for specific items that are sold on your sales channels, but that you do not require inventory tracking or replenishment.

Because the stock level synced to your sales channels is infinite (or very large), these items will never run out of stock.

Examples of why Infinite Stock is used:

  • Non-physical goods such as gift cards

  • Shipping insurance

In this section:

Change stock levels to infinite

Go to the Products and click on the product. Once on the specific simple product page, select the Infinity icon on the right of the inventory table.

Products with variants can also be set to infinite stock. On a specific product, scroll down to the variants table and select the Infinity icon for each individual variant you'd like to set the stock for.

Note: By setting your products to Infinite Stock, you will not be able to keep track of the actual stock levels. The physical stock levels in Veeqo will also be infinite.

What stock levels are synced to your sales channel

If you set the stock levels as Infinite in Veeqo, the maximum possible value that your stores accept will be displayed. For each channel, we sync the following stock levels:

  • Amazon: 9999999.

  • eBay: 9999.

  • Magento: 9999999.

  • WooCommerce: 9999999. However, if the stock level is infinite and the listing is set to NOT track inventory, no stock levels will be sent

  • Shopify can be set to infinite stock level.

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