This lets you mark products with a trigger inventory level to make the items appear on your Re-Order Levels Report. This means you will know when you need to re-order an item without having to search through all of your products individually.

To do this, you first need to set Re-Order Levels on your products per the warehouse.

Enable The Re-Order Level Report

1. Go to Inventory and click into the product you wish to set Re-Order Level specifications for.

2. Click on the variant and warehouse location you want to apply the rule to.

3. Enter the Min stock qty Figure (this is the minimum Inventory Level your Inventory must reach to trigger a visual Re-Order Reminder). Then you can select a figure for Veeqo to suggest you re-order. 


Alternatively, you can do this in bulk using a CSV import. Check out the Updating/Editing Products In Bulk guide for more information.

4. When you want to check for Re-order Reminders go to the Reports>Inventory Forecast and select "ReOrder Levels" from the "Forecast based on" dropdown.


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