Veeqo will only send stock levels to your stores when there is a stock level change in Veeqo. Stock level changes will only occur in the following 4 ways:

  1. A user manually changes the stock level of a product, either manually within the product summary page, the mobile app or a VS1 scanner.

  2. A new order pulls through into Veeqo or stock is manually added to an order by a user

  3. A CSV file of your products has been imported - this will only trigger a push of stock for items where there is a change in stock level

  4. A stock take has been conducted

If you link up a new listing to an existing product, Veeqo will not automatically push out the current stock level to that listing unless one of those 4 instances occurs. After you've finished linking up your new listings to existing products we recommend that you check your stock levels in Veeqo are correct then follow these steps to push Veeqo's stock to all your listings.


How to push all stock levels

  • Go to Stores

  • Click on the Store

  • Press the Push All Stock Levels button.

Note: You can only use this feature once every 24 hours, per store. When using this feature, please allow time for Veeqo to push stock to all of your Updating all of the stock levels to the store, can take a few minutes to complete. 

  • This will begin pushing out all the stock levels to every linked and active listing connected to that store.

  • Once the stock push is completed, you will receive a notification in the notification bell at the top right corner of the screen. 

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