Veeqo allows you to create a kit / bundle, which can be made up from other products from your catalog.

Note: Once you have created a kit, there isn't a way to reverse this action. If you need to reverse this, you will need to contact the support team at: You also cannot add a kit into a kit as its contents.

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Getting started

You should have the following products in Veeqo:

  1. A Veeqo product that is going to be turned into a kit/bundle

  2. Individual Veeqo products that are used to make up a kit's contents

A working example

If you sold apples and pears both separately and in a fruit basket on your sales channels:

  1. You should have a fruit basket product in Veeqo

  2. You should have individual apple and pear products in Veeqo

For most channels, Veeqo will automatically create the above products. In edge cases, you may need to first create the missing products in Veeqo before proceeding to the next step.

Create a kit / bundle: 

Go to the Inventory page. Click the relevant product and then click on the Pencil Icon to edit your product.

Click Make Kit at the bottom of the edit screen. 

You can then start to search for items by SKU code or product title using the 'Search Products' bar. Once you have found the products, you can enter the quantity and Add to Kit.

Once you are happy with your kit contents, click Create Kit at the bottom right hand side. You can add as many products as you want to the kit.

Edit a kit/bundle

If you have saved a Kit and would like to edit the items check out the Editing A Kit/Bundle guide.

Kit / bundle stock levels

Once the kit has been set up, Veeqo will then display the number of kits that can be sold in the 'Available' stock column on the product.

Veeqo will track the quantity of each item within the kit. When a kit product is purchased, Veeqo will adjust the stock of the child products.

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