Why is this useful?

  • Master Of Stock means Veeqo will update your stock levels on your store when stock is changed in Veeqo.
  • By default new Veeqo stores are not set to be master of stock.

How to enable Veeqo to be master of stock:  

  • Go to Stores
  • Click into your store
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Scroll down to the section headed How Stock Is Synced.
  • Toggle on the option If Stock Levels In Veeqo Change Should This Store Be Updated?
  • Click Save 

Veeqo is now set to be Master Of Stock for this store. Any new stock level changes will now be pushed across. 

Note: Veeqo will only push NEW stock level changes across, so if the stock level is currently not the same between both Veeqo and your store you'll need to manually force an inventory push. To find out how to do this please check out the guide Can I Force An Inventory Push

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