Washed Out Store Icons
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If you notice that some of your store logos appear washed out/ghosted/discoloured on the Products page then it means at least one of your listings connected to it are currently Inactive

If a listing is Inactive then Veeqo can't pull in orders or push stock out to it, so it's worth following the steps below to make sure that one of your current live listings haven't been accidentally set to Inactive.

1. Go to the Inventory page and click onto one of the products that has a ghosted logos

2. When the Product Summary opens, on the left of the window you will be able to see Inactive Listings attached to this product.

3. Click on the Inactive Or Failed Listings panel to reveal the inactive listing

 4. Click directly on the icon of the failed listing, which will open a new tab on the Listings page, displaying this Inactive listing

5. In order to prevent this listing from making the store logos ghosted you'll need to unlink it from the product. You can do this by pressing the red Unlink icon.

If the listing is a current active listing on your store, then instead of Unlinking (Step 5) press the Unarchive icon to make it Active again.

Here is a number of reasons why your listings have become inactive.

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