Archive a Listing
Archive listings that aren't currently being sold
Updated over a week ago

You can archive a listing that you aren't currently selling, so that this listing does not get confused with any active listings.

1. Head to the Inventory page and click into the product that has the listing attached that you want to archive

2. Click on the Icon of the listing that you want to archive

3. This will open a new tab with Veeqo's Listing page, displaying the listing you just selected (if the tab doesn't open, make sure that your browser allows pop-ups for Veeqo)

 4. Click the blue box with a white arrow inside on the right of the listing to Archive the listing. 

Now we recommend you to unlink the listing to prevent the store icons being greyed out on your Inventory page.

5. Click the red Paperclip symbol to the far right of the listing. This will Unlink the listing.

If you head back to the product on Veeqo Inventory page you will see that only the Active listings remain linked to the product.

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