Suppliers need to be added to your Veeqo account before you can start using the Purchase Order feature.

If you have a large amount of suppliers that you'd like to add to your Veeqo account you can do this by CSV using the steps below. If you are only wanting to update or create a small number of suppliers you may prefer to do this Directly in Veeqo.

Import new suppliers

1. From Inventory>Suppliers hit the Upload button, then download the Sample CSV file

2. Once the file has downloaded open it in your favourite CSV editor. In this example we are using Microsoft Excel. To create a new supplier you should leave the supplier_id column blank. Fill in the rest of the columns using a single row for each supplier. 

At the bottom of this guide is a full list of the column titles and their description.

3. Once you have completed the CSV save the file click + Add CSV File then select the updated sample CSV. Hit Import and your suppliers will be uploaded to your Veeqo account.


Suppliers CSV Fields

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