Veeqo's Cycle Stock Take feature helps you keep your inventory up-to-date. First of all make sure the Veeqo account owner has Enabled The Cycle Stock Take feature for the locations you want to stock check. You can also use Veeqo mobile app to perform the stock take:

Quick Link: Stock Take - iOS
Quick Link: Stock Take - Android

Cycle Stock Take (web app):

  • Login as one of the users who has been assigned stock take

  • Hover over Products, select Stock Take:

Note: If you have multiple locations make sure you select the one you want to Stock Check.

  • The products that the user has been assigned will appear in this screen. If you don't see any products please check that the account owner has assigned you products to stock take.

  • Alternatively your selected location may not have the Stock Take feature enabled or it has not been 24 hours since the Stock Take feature was first enabled.

The figure that is stored in Veeqo under physical stock will appear under the Expected column and the Actual column. If the figures are correct then hit save, otherwise you can manually amend then Actual figure and then hit save. Veeqo will record any positive/negative changes that are made.

  • Once you have checked the inventory for that product, click Save.

  • Once you have clicked Save, it will show a COUNTED banner

  • Any amendments will be immediately relayed to the online stores linked to that product.

Veeqo will display your progress as you go in a percentage format of items checked as well as give you the actual figure counted/total to count.

Any items checked during this period of activity will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you have mistakenly confirmed an inventory figure then simply hit the undo button and that item will be added back to the stock take list

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