Cycle Stock Taking allows retailers to iteratively count their inventory, over a specified period, during location downtime. This ensures:

  • Minimal disruption to business

  • Constantly accurate inventory levels

  • Responsibility can be assigned to team members so everyone knows what they need to do. 

*Here is a video on how the Cycle Stock Take works: Cycle stock take

Please read this Article for more information on Setting up and using Veeqo's great Cycle Stock Take Feature

How It Works

The whole process of stock-taking is split down into manageable weekly amounts and can be shared amongst your team. For example:

  • John 25%

  • Bob 75% 

Each member will be assigned their percentage of Inventory from your Veeqo Products and it will be their responsibility to check that inventory. They can spread this workload over the week as Veeqo will track and display the percentage of Inventory already checked and the percentage left to check.

Once all inventory is checked that week, the Cycle Stock Take feature will reset for the following week.

What If I Have A Large Inventory And Not Enough Staff To Count In 1 Week?

We know it's not always realistic to expect that all of your inventory can be counted in 1 week. If this is the case, then you can split the Cycle over a number of weeks. For example:

  • John 10%

  • Bob 10%

This means that John & Bob will both be given 10% of the product inventory to count in week 1. In week 2, they will be given an additional 10% each (excluding Inventory already counted).

If you use this method then the cycle will be split of a 5 week period (20% per week split between Bob & John 100% / 20% = 5 Week completion period). Then after the 5 week cycle, the data will again reset ready to start again.

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