You can add tags to your products to create your own filters and categories for your products. So you could group by style for example "T-Shirts" or if they are in a summer sale.  

Once you tag a product, you can then filter your products to just see those with that tag. You will also be able to use these tags on the Product Report, to help segment your products into custom groups.

Add products tags from within Veeqo or you can Add Them In Bulk via CSV spreadsheet

How to add a tag

1. Click on the + symbol at the end of your order under the tag symbol.

2. A window will open click where you will be able to click + NEW TAG

2. A new pop-up will then open where you will be able to name your tag and also give it a colour code. Once you have done this, press Save Tag.

3. Once you have saved your tag, it will then appear in the Tag section in the filter dropdown. 


Adding a tag

Bulk method: Tick all the products you wish to tag (next to product picture) and then clicks the action button and then


One by one method: 

Select the products you wish to tag by clicking the blue '+' symbol on the far right hand side of the product.

1. It will then open Add Tag to selected products' pop-up screen. 

2. To select a tag, you need to simply click in the white-box and it will then place a 'tick' next to it. Once you have selected the tag that you want to assign to the product, press the Add Tags button


3. Once you have added the tag to the product, in the bottom left hand side of the screen you should then see notification stating Tags Updated Successfully

4. Your products(s) should then have the assigned tag attached.

5. Your list of tags will always appear in the tag section in the filter dropdown. If you click on a tag it will filter the orders so only the products with that tag appear. Click the x on the tag and you will go back to seeing all of your orders

Deleting Tags

To remove a tag simply click into the product you want to untag. You will then see the tag assigned to the product, and you then need to click on the X next to the tag. This will then remove the tag from the product.

Store Product Tags

We will download tags added to your products in Shopify into Veeqo.  We will also in the near future looking to download categories/tags from other ecommerce platforms

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