This screen is currently in BETA and only available for Free trial users and BETA tester. For help guides on our current product screen click here. 

Veeqos new product screen gives you a complete overview of your products. The action you can take on this screen include:

Filter and Search for products

Veeqo new and improved product page will allow you to filter and bulk print, export and import your product information in a flexible way, with functionality for each team members needs. Search through your product with individual filters or combine as many as you need for a more refined search.

Filters options:

Search bar: Search any term without a filter for a broad search

Product: Input the information you want to search for in any of the sections for a refined search.

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Barcode

Stock: Select either above, below or between and input the stock level you want to filter for. For example to check for all products with low stock select Below enter a number you class as low stock.

Brands: Filter by your brands, 20 brands will appear at a time in alphabetical order. You can also search for the brand you are looking for. 

Stores: Filter by product sold on one or multiple stores

Warehouse: Filter by one or multiple warehouses 

Tags: Find all of your product tags listed here, and select a tag to find all of the product it is associated with

Kits: Filter for a product containing kits and product that do not contain kits  

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