Master of stock simply means Veeqo will have access to update stock levels on your stores. So when stock levels change in Veeqo, all of your stores will be updated and accurate. 

By default, new stores have not got Veeqo set as master of stock. When you're ready, you can enable this by following the steps below:


Setting Veeqo as master of stock 

Please review and complete this checklist before setting Veeqo as master of stock.

Head to your the home page and scroll down and click ‘ Enable master of Stock’.

Note: If this is hidden from you, you will need to get in contact with our implementation team first for them to check your account is set up correctly and enable access. 

You will be taken through a process so you can update 100% of your stock catalogue for each of your warehouses. There are 2 options:

Option 1: Select a store

Use the stock information from one of your stores, with 100% of your product catalogue, to set current stock levels in Veeqo.

If you wish to use a stores stock values select the store and hit continue. When you are ready to confirm Veeqo will start pulling the stock values from that store. This can take a while so do it at a quiet time, DO NOT update any orders in Veeqo at this time.

Note: you will only be able to use a stores stock value if it has 100% of your product catalogue so every product is updated.

Option 2: CSV upload

Upload a CSV file for each warehouse with your current stock levels 

  • Download the CSV file with your current Veeqo stock levels.
  • Your download will include each product Name, SKU code and current stock level in Veeqo, this is all you will need when re-uploading your file.
  • Update your stock levels and re-upload the file to Veeqo

Note:  Make sure to make a copy of the original before editing. This is really useful to upload back into your Veeqo account should you make any mistakes. 


Any missing data will be highlighted after you have uploaded your stock quantity, update these and hit 'Yes Go Live now'.

Your stock will begin to synchronize, and all of your stores stock will sync. 


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