Pick to Pile is designed to make picking single-item orders easier.

This process takes place both in the main Veeqo desktop app, and on the Veeqo Scanner.

 Warehouse Dashboard 

  • This is where the team can see what priority the courier order tags are set to and manually override the order if the priority needs changing throughout the day. It also shows the number of items left to pick and the total number of picked items for each tag. An overall total is also displayed.   

 Veeqo Scanner App

  • The Veeqo Scanner App will have a new menu item called ‘Picking.’ This is where the pickers accept a picking batch, assign a tote and are taken by sub-location to pick their products.

 1. On the Veeqo Scanner, head to the main menu and select ‘Picking.’

2. Here, you will be prompted to accept the latest picking batch. You’ll see your username and default warehouse. Select the next arrow to go to the next step.

3. You will see the total number of individual products you will be sent to whilst picking this batch -  each batch is limited to a quantity of 10 items so if the number of products is lower, products are likely to have a quantity higher than 1 to pick.

You are also prompted to scan a tote barcode with the scanner. This will assign that tote to this batch, ready to be passed onto the packer.

4. The first product from your batch will appear on the screen - this shows the product image, title, SKU and it’s sub-location. Head to this location and scan the product’s barcode.

Note: To avoid loads, don't click into the search bar when scanning the Tote!

5. To manually enter a product quantity (if barcodes are missing), tap the card and you will be able to adjust the quantity using the +/- buttons. Hit confirm (tick button) when you’ve got the quantity correct.

6. Once the amount is correct, swipe the card and hit the next arrow to go to the next product.

7. If a product is either missing from it’s sub-location, doesn’t have enough stock to fulfil the batch or is out of stock completely , leave the quantity as 0 or the partial amount and swipe to go to the next product. This will prompt a popup to mark the product as incomplete.

8. Once all products are picked, a screen will prompt that the batch is complete. If any products have been marked as incomplete throughout the batch, they will be shown here. 

For any orders that have had a product marked as incomplete, an internal order note will be added showing the missing product's full title, which user was picking the batch and the date/time.

9. The tote can then be taken to a packing station. The packer will open the main Veeqo app on the orders list and scan the tote’s barcode. This will then display the list of the orders that have been fulfilled by this batch. 


10. If some orders have had products marked as incomplete when picking, the order will not be marked as picked. Select the ‘PICKED’ filter in the order filters to remove the unpicked orders from the list.


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