To view how many items your team have left to pick, head to the picking dashboard by going to Dashboard>Picking Dashboard. This refreshed every minute to show new items from orders that are now under the Ready to Ship status.

1. Batches are automatically assigned to picker when they go to accept a batch using the Veeqo Scanner.

2. If a picker is half way through a batch and for any reason has to leave it and come back, (whether that’s to update the stock on a product or have a break) they can just go to the picking screen on the menu and carry on their batch where they left off.

At the end of the day, each user’s current batches should be completed and not left outstanding for the following day. 

3. If an product cannot be picked for any reason, the picker should mark the product as incomplete on the scanner - this will automatically add an internal note to the order saying which item couldn’t be picked with the picker’s name and date/time.

4. When all batches are complete and there are no items left to pick, on the scanners when trying to accept a batch it will show a message ‘cannot retrieve new batch’. As soon as there's enough line items for a batch, the picker will be able to accept it. This could be across multiple order tags if their isn't many line items to pick.

5. To view who has picked a certain order, go to the orders list and find the order and select it. Selecting the order history tab will take you to all the activity for that order and show who picked the items and date/time.


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