Batch picking in Veeqo is automating how the order picking process is managed, using web Veeqo and the Veeqo Scanner. 

A batch is a group of orders sent to your fulfilment staff to be picked in the warehouse. Depending on whether your orders are single line item or multi line item orders, you are able to create either pick to pile or pick to order batches. Once orders are picked, they are taken to packing stations to be packed up and shipped. 

To view progress on how your team are doing throughout the day, there is a picking dashboard that shows selected order tags and how many items have been picked for each on that day. 

Batch Picking:

  • Balances efficiency and accuracy when picking and packing, reducing human error.

  • Automates how orders are prioritised for picking and packing, while remaining flexible for different workflows.

  • Provides the ability to override automation when specific orders need to be prioritised when & where necessary. 

Picking Methods


Batch picking offers benefits across the team:


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