It's important that each team member has their own user account in Veeqo. There are different user roles that can be applied to individual users that will adjust account permissions and what sections of Veeqo they have access to.

*Here you can watch our video on restrictions: User permissions: stock adjustments

You may want to update a user's role and permissions:

  • If you don't want them to see sensitive data or sales information, such as Sales reports and.

  • If you don't want them to have access to important settings, such as Store Settings. 

 Note: Only the account owner can assign and edit user roles.

Assigning User Roles

User roles can be assigned to specific users when Creating / Editing a user

Head to Settings and click Users to manage users.

1. Here you can:

  • Select 'NEW USER' to create a new user.

  • Edit an existing user by selecting the EDIT pencil next to their name. 


2. Select a user role from the USER ROLE dropdown in the User Profile section. Select UPDATE USER at the bottom of the page to apply changes and update the user's permissions. 

3. Each user role gives different account permissions and access:

To see the full list of Permissions available per user role, head to View Permissions.

(Currently these are view only.)


All Available Permissions

User roles with the permissions enabled, have access to:

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