*Wholesale is only available for premium plans*

What is the Wholesale invoice page?

Stay on top of your wholesale invoices and payments. You will be able to see all our outstanding wholesale invoices, see who still owes you money and how overdue they are.

You can immediately see if your customer has seen your invoice and what date they view it.

This help guide will go through:

  • How to access the page

  • How to filter and search 

  • How to see when an invoice has been sent, seen and paid 

  • How to find the order and invoice 

How to access the Wholesale invoice page

Click in to orders tab at the top of your screen and select Wholesale


  • Type in the customer name to view all for their invoices, or invoice number for a refined search.

Date filter:

  • Select the calendar icon next to the search bar and either:


  • Create a custom date range by selecting your start date and then end date

  • Use the preset options by clicking on the down arrow under the date range

Filter by payment stage:

  • Select one of the 4 boxes at the top of the page to filter:


  • Over Due

  • Due in the next 30 days

  • Awaiting payment

  • Paid

See when an invoice has been sent, seen and paid 

Always have a clear view of the progress of your invoices, with stage and date information displayed with the invoice status tab. Hover over the status to find out the exact date the invoice was sent, seen or paid

Find the order or invoice

To view the order or invoice simply click on the order or invoice icon in the action tab. 

  • The order icon will take you to the order in Veeqo where you can easily edit and update anything you need to

  • The invoice icon will take you to the invoice that your customers are seeing.

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