1. Select the Orders section

2. Select the order status (e.g. Ready to ship) and order tag from each dropdown to filter the orders you'd like to pick. Hit the Pick Orders button to go to the next step.


2. Now you're ready to select orders to pick and can filter them by warehouse. By selecting a warehouse, only orders with stock allocated in that warehouse will be shown. Once all your orders are selected, hit Pick on the bottom bar to go to the next step.

You can select orders individually to pick or hit the Pick All button at the bottom of the screen to select all orders for that filter.



3. Now you'll be shown a list of products, to pick your items, you can either:

  • Pick the quantity manually by hitting the pick button highlighted in the screenshot above.

  • Hit scan option at the bottom of the screen and scan each product's barcode. The products that are left to pick will be shown on the bottom half of the screen.


Each time you use the pick button or scan a barcode, it will pick '1' from the stock quantity of the product that needs to be picked. Once the total quantity for a product has been picked, it will move to the picked section and the percentage of products picked will go up in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to unpick an item, just hit the Unpick button on the right of each product and this will unpick '1' from the stock quantity of that product.


4. Once you've picked all the products from the list, you'll see a confirmation screen.


To unpick any order, go to the select orders screen in step 2 and to view orders that have been picked or partially picked.

Picked orders are marked with a green circle and partially picked orders are marked with an orange circle. Select those orders and move to step 3 you'll have the option to unpick their stock.


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