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The iOS Veeqo app allows you to view and edit all of your products right from your phone.

  • Search for a product via their name, SKU or barcode

  • Find product information by scanning its barcode 

  • See which warehouse your product is in and the stock level

  • Have a complete view of all of the channel-specific products are on and its pricing


Select any product or scan in the bar code by hitting the scan button at the bottom of the screen, to bring up more details on that product. From here you will be able to 


  • View your product pictures

  • Find there stock level, number of variants, price and SKU

  • View all connected stores and the product pricing on each

  • View different warehouses your product and its variants are in

  • Adjust stock levels straight from your phone

Select product at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to this page



Update stock

From this page, you will be able to quickly and easily update your stock level. Any changes made on the app will be reflected everywhere. 

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