What is a Wholesale order?

  • Wholesale customer can have multiple contacts & addresses¬†
  • Have a default discount %¬†
  • Uses a B2B price list for products
  • Payment terms such as "Net 30 days" so the order can be shipped straight away without payment
  • Minimum order value, below which an order can not be created
  • Email customer an online invoice, where they can download a PDF copy and also pay for it online using a credit card

Creating a Wholesale order

To create a Wholesale order you will first need to create a wholesale customer.

  • Go to Orders
  • Click + New Order
  • In the customer search field, search for a Wholesale customer and select one
  • Order pre-fills with all their details including default contact and addresses
  • Send the customer an online invoice for them to view and they can then download an PDF copy.
  • Choose if the customer can pay for their invoice online using a credit card by clicking "Can pay by credit card"
  • Search and select the products for the customer.

Wholesale Online Invoice

The online invoice is emailed to your customer for them view online and also download a PDF copy. They can also pay for it using a credit card which will then mark the order as paid in Veeqo.


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