Veeqo's Cycle Stock Take feature assigns specific users a percentage of stock to count each week. 

 Note: The administrator will first need to make sure users have been enabled for stock take. Check out the Enabling Cycle Stock Take guide for steps on how to do this

1. Once you have been setup for stock take login on the Veeqo Scanner. From the Main Menu hit Stock Take.


2. Select your Warehouse and click the Arrow to start your stock take. Head to the bin location shown at the top of the screen and start scanning the products barcode to begin counting. 

When you have finished counting this product Swipe To The Left to move onto the next bin location. Any changes in stock will be saved and updated across all your stores.

Note: If you keep multiple products/variants in the same bin you may see more than one product before moving to the next location. In this case you can scan either products and Veeqo will jump between the different variants.

3. At the end of the stock take you will see a summary screen showing you the products and any changes. Hit the green tick and wait until next week for your next batch of products to count!


Stock Take Screen Details

The table below describes the different parts of the stock take screen:


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