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Receive Purchase Order - Veeqo scanner / Android app
Receive Purchase Order - Veeqo scanner / Android app
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If you use our Purchase Order feature then you can use the Veeqo Scanner to receive your items when they arrive from your suppliers. This way your stock levels will update on all your stores right away and you'll also be able to easily see if the supplier has missed any items out from your Purchase Order.

Note: Before you begin booking in stock you'll need to make sure you have Created A Purchase Order.

1. Open up the Veeqo App and hit Booking In from the main menu. Choose a Purchase Order from the list. You can also use the Search/Scan option to find the Purchase Order. You can search for either:

  • Purchase Order Number

  • Product Title

  • SKU

  • Barcode 

Note: Before you can scan a products barcode you'll need to Add Barcodes To Your Veeqo Products.

 If you have more than one Purchase Order for the same product Active then the oldest Purchase Order will open.


2. Scan the items one by one or enter the amount of stock you've been sent for each product. Hit Book to confirm the amount.

Note: The Backorders figure is the total amount of stock needed for your customers orders that are currently in Waiting For Stock

If you don't have any Backorders you'll see the Product Location so you can place the item in the correct place at your warehouse.

You can now go back to the main Veeqo app and Complete the Purchase Order.

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