Create customised rules for specific document templates to auto-print instantly when orders are shipped. This feature is great for when you have customised invoices for each of your stores, removing the manual process of finding and printing them after shipping.

Note: This feature currently isn't supported when bulk shipping

This is great if you regularly print invoices and packing slips while shipping

To get the full benefit of this feature we recommend you download Veeqo's Direct print software to fully automate the process - Learn how to do this here 

Note: Without Direct print your documents will not automatically print. You will still need to hit print in the pop-up window

Video: Learn how to edit print templates here

Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Head to Settings

  • Click on Rules

  • Select the + NEW RULE FOR button

  • Give your rule a unique name, and select when you want your rule to be triggered. For this rule, it will be when an order is updated. (Clicking the ship button updates the order status)

  • Select the requirements that the order must fulfil (IF the rule is to be applied to it).The example below is for the rule to be triggered when the ship button is pressed for a Shopify order.

equals Shopify Test
Click + ADD RULE
Order status
in shipped

In this section, you can determine what action is taken when the order fits the rule. You can add extra conditions such as shipping carriers, internal notes and tags, but for this example we are only selecting the invoice and packing slip to auto print when shipped. 

  • Select the apply printing template check-box

  • Choose the template you want to print and tick the small box underneath stating ‘Auto-print at time of shipping’.

  • Click CREATE RULE at the bottom of the page and your invoice and packing slip templates will auto print as soon as you hit the ship button. 

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