Some highly sensitive anti-virus software may blacklist vPrint, which results in Veeqo being unable to detect your printers and devices. If you are having problems with vPrint we recommend you whitelist the vPrint app in your anti-virus software. 

To get steps on how to do this please contact your anti-virus support team.

Labels are printing out the wrong size

If you are finding that your shipping labels are printing out smaller or are not the correct size, this is due to your printer settings which you will need to re-configure.

Unable to log-in to Auto-Print 

If you are unable to log into Auto-Print, it could be due to the account holder having an existing PrintNode account. The best solution for this would be to change the account owners email address so that this then creates a new PrintNode account (You can make a slight amendment by adding a 1 to the start of your email address:

When the account owners email address has been changed, you can then use this to log into Auto-Print.

Settings not saved when switching between Computers

If Auto-Print appears to be losing the settings when you are operating simultaneous computers, then it is likely that each machine is not uniquely named. Please check to see if any machines are sharing the same, if they are please rename them.

Documents printing out more than once.

If you find that two documents are being printed out when only one was required, this problem is usually caused by having two instances of the PrintNode being run on the same computer. You can confirm this by looking at your task manager.

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