Labels are printing out the wrong size

  • The main cause is incorrect printer settings, please read this guide on how to change your printer settings for Windows and Mac to use the right label size.

  • If you installed vPrint as a Windows service then it runs as the LocalSystem account, so it uses the printer defaults of that account, not the account you use to log in. To solve this you can reconfigure the Windows Service to run under a different user account, and change the default printer settings of that account. If you do this, ensure that the password for that account does not expire.

  • If the two suggestions above do not solve then change the default printing backend to Engine6 on Windows or Engine7 on macOS – you can do this by using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the Printers tab. error message

This error might occur if you have previously had a PrintNode account. Other softwares that you may use, might also use PrintNode in the background.

To try and resolve the issue you will need to amend your Veeqo email address, the amendement could be for example adding a + or a numerical value into the email ( /

By doing this, when you log into vPrint, this should class it as a 'new' email address and you should then be able to log in.

Printing duplicates or more than once

If you find that two documents are being printed out when only one was sent, this problem is usually caused by having two instances of the vPrint being run on the same computer. You can confirm this by looking at your task manager or by looking for two sent_to_client states in your print job logs.

This can be caused by another used logged into Windows machine, please log out all users and restart the computer to verify. Therefore, on multi-tenant machines, we recommend installing the vPrint as a Windows Service.

This error can also happen if you copy the PrintNode Client's configuration folder (located at C:\Users\[your user name]\.printnode) to a different computer and run the PrintNode Client there – the two instances of the PrintNode Client will present themselves as being on the same computer and print jobs will be sent to both of them. Therefore we recommend against doing this.

Nothing is printing or I can not install vPrint

Some sensitive anti-virus software may blacklist vPrint, which results in Veeqo being unable to detect your printers and devices. We recommend you whitelist the vPrint app in your anti-virus software, please contact your anti-virus support team on how to do this.

vPrint won't install because of an anti-virus software alert. Is your software safe to use?

  • Our software is completely safe to use. We are aware that some of the anti-virus suites mistakenly flag our software as malicious. To fix this, we are:

  • Digitally signing all of our executables.

  • White-listing our software with the anti-virus vendors (some are more responsive than others).

  • Working to remove/rewrite components that look suspicious to the anti-virus software.

Unfortunately, sometimes that's not enough. In order to install our software, please white-list it locally with your anti-virus suite.

Unable to log-in to Auto-Print 

If you are unable to log into Auto-print, it could be due to the account holder having an existing PrintNode (3rd party technology partner used for printing) account. The best solution for this would be to change the account owners email address so that this then creates a new PrintNode account (You can make a slight amendment by adding a 1 to the start of your email address:

When the account owners email address has been changed, you can then use this to log into Auto-Print.

Settings not saved when switching between Computers

If Auto-Print appears to be losing the settings when you are operating simultaneous computers, then it is likely that each machine is not uniquely named. Please check to see if any machines are sharing the same if they are please rename them.

Why do my fonts look wrong in my prints?

My PDF file prints OK using Adobe Reader. For vPrint to print your PDF properly, it must have all the necessary fonts embedded. In Windows, you can just look at the properties of your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader; on macOS / OS X and Linux, the pdffonts utility will tell you what fonts your PDF uses and whether they are embedded or not.

Should I run the vPrint Client as a desktop application or a Windows service?

Running the vPrint Client as a Windows Service comes with the following benefits:

  • Only one instance of the vPrint Client runs regardless of how many active user sessions there are on a given machine (this helps avoid certain issues such as duplicate prints).

  • The end user does not have access to the desktop app interface, which makes them less likely to break something.

  • It is possible to manage the vPrint Client remotely through the vPrint's Client's web API.

Running the vPrint Client as a Windows Service has the following drawbacks:

  • The vPrint Client runs as the LocalSystem account, so it doesn't use the default printer settings of regular users.

  • The end user does not have access to the desktop app interface, which makes it more difficult to provide support if something goes wrong.

  • We usually recommend installing the vPrint Client as a desktop application. For multi-tenant machines we recommend installing and running the vPrint Client as a Windows Service, to avoid duplicate prints.

Can I print to a network printer?

vPrint works with network printers; please note that all printing still happens through a running instance of the vPrint Client. Therefore, your network printer needs to be installed on a computer that is running the vPrint Client.

Document Printing with Wrong Orientation

vPrint uses the operating system default settings when printing, therefore you should ensure to check the default settings of your device has the appropriate orientation selected.

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