Note: We recommend to enable the option Install vPrint as a Windows Service, (if you have a Windows 10 machine or older, please do not install as a Windows service) that simply means you won't have to open it manually every time as vPrint will run in the background at all times.  

To get started follow the instructions below:

  • Download vPrint by clicking here
  • Find and open the vPrint download in your Downloads folder or the saving location you specified
  • Follow the steps of the installation wizard and save a shortcut on your Desktop. 
  • Once the setup has completed, open vPrint from your Desktop
  • Log in with your Veeqo account credentials

If you are having trouble with logging into Auto-print, please follow This Guide to trouble-shoot.

  • Select your default printer for each Template Type or opt for Download PDF
  • Also make sure the Remember Choice? toggle is turned on
  • If you have created any custom templates these can be found in the section towards the bottom

Note: Please ensure each computer is uniquely named to avoid any potential settings issue

  • Print any document type from your Orders or Products page and your selected printer will automatically print your request as soon as it finished generating.

If you want to know how to print invoices and other templates, click one of the links below:

If you would like to set up USB scales you check out This Guide.

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