Before You Start
To connect either Magento or WooCommerce to Veeqo you must have installed a bridge connector file onto your server. To add the bridge file to your site you'll need to have the necessary login details to access your sites FTP account. If you're unsure of these contact your website developer or your hosting server provider.

How to Connect Your Store

1. Go to Settings > Stores in Veeqo and click onto the Magento or WooCommerce store you added in either the Setting Up Your Magento Store or Setting Up Your WooCommerce Store guide. Scroll down to the section with the Bridge URL link and click on it to download the Bridge File.

2. Once the file has downloaded unzip it to show the contents. You should see a folder called bridge2cart with two files inside. The bridge2cart folder and it's contents are what we will need to upload to your site. Open up your preferred FTP client and connect to your site using the necessary login details. Navigate to the root directory of your website, this is usually something like /public_html/ and upload the bridge2cart folder and it's contents there.

3. Once the files have uploaded to your site use the FTP client to set the following permission:

bridge.php/config.php = 644 or 666
bridge2cart folder = 755 or 777

You can then test this by trying to load http://[yourstore url]/bridge2cart/bridge.php in your browser.

If the bridge has been successfully uploaded, a message like the following will appear with the current version of the file:


This means it's working. 

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