This article will show you how to link your Veeqo account with QuickBooks Online, so you can keep on top of your book-keeping easily! If you would like to connect your Veeqo account to QuickBooks Desktop please check out the Setup QuickBooks Desktop article.

Before you link the two together, please make sure that you’ve ticked everything off This Checklist, so the process is as simple as possible!

It's also important to note that is process is still in a Beta stage, if you find something does not work as it should please let us know


What Information does the integration sync?

1. Customer details - All your customers will be created in QuickBooks

2. Orders, payment and taxes - all orders regardless of order status

3. Products and inventory - All your products will be created in QuickBooks

4. Purchase orders 


Does it sync historic data?

It will only sync orders and purchase orders created 1 day before the first sync between Veeqo and QuickBooks. So historic orders are not synced.

We do sync historic products and customers.

1. Go to Settings>Accounts and click Connect For QuickBooks Online. Click on the Connect To QuickBooks icon. You’ll then be prompted to enter your QuickBooks Credentials.


2. Select the QuickBooks account you want to connect to Veeqo and Authorise the sharing of your data between Veeqo and QuickBooks


You’re all done! 

QuickBooks will now perform an initial sync all of your information across from Veeqo, this could take a few hours depending on volume of data. 

Syncs will then occur daily at 00:00 UTC.

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