Warning: When enabling Veeqo Master of Stock price will be pushed without taxes, so final price on remote store might be different. 

How Listings Are Synced: Choose your options. 

When the setting is switched on the button toggle button will appear blue and when off will show as white. All the option in be toggled at any point after the store has been created, however settings for listings should be chosen prior to activating the store. Below is a list of each option and what they do:

Search for existing products in Veeqo which have the same SKU code and link them?

When you connect your PrestaShop store Veeqo will begin pulling in your listings. With the above option switched on Veeqo will look for matching SKUs from your PrestaShop listings and existing Veeqo products and link them. This is useful if you already have some existing products in Veeqo that you've either added manually or created using listings which have pulled in from another store.

If the product has the same NAME then link them

If Veeqo doesn't find a matching SKU between your listing and an existing Veeqo product then with the above option switched on Veeqo will attempt to suggest links based on matching titles. If the title matches exactly then Veeqo will automatically link them together. If the titles aren't a complete match but appear similar Veeqo will suggest a match for you to confirm on the LISTINGS page.

If Veeqo can not find a matching product, then a new product will be created

This setting is especially useful if the store you're adding is either your only store or your first one and contains most of your product lines. If the listing doesn't have a matching SKU or a matching title with an existing product a new product will be created. If the listing is a variant listing then the listings will automatically be turned in to a variant product in Veeqo.

TIP: To avoid creating duplicate products in Veeqo we recommend keeping this switched off for your additional stores you add unless you're certain all product listings on the additional store are unique.

Manually let me link these listings to products in Veeqo?

This is the opposite to the option 'Search for existing products in Veeqo which have the same SKU code and link them?'. If this option is turned on you'll need to go through each listing and search for a matching product and link them, or create a new product if there isn't an existing one in Veeqo. When this option is turned on Veeqo will not look for matching Name or SKU. This is useful if your products don't have matching SKUs or names and you want to make sure they are linked correctly

Sync the stock quantities from this store?

This option should be switched on if you're wanting to initially pull the stock figures that you have on your store for each listing. When you link up the listing to either a new or existing product in Veeqo the stock figure pulled from the store will show on the product. While this option remains on Veeqo will automatically pull in stock from this store every hour and update the Veeqo product, however this stock won't automatically get pushed across to your other stores

How Products Are Synced: Choose the settings for your company

When a product is updated on my store, sync the changes to my Veeqo products?

When this is switched on Veeqo will check for changes to you've made on your listing every hour. If you update the following on your PrestaShop store it will update the Veeqo product the listing is connected to:


-Product Title




This channel pushes stock level?

This option toggles if Veeqo is set as master of stock for this store. With this option on Veeqo will push stock levels out to your store every time there is a stock change for the product. For more information on this visit the Veeqo As Master Of Stock guide


How Orders Are Synced section:

Sync my historic orders?

When this is switched on Veeqo will begin pulling in your historic orders. If you have archived your orders on PrestaShop you'll need to unarchive them before they will pull into Veeqo.

Sync my unpaid orders?

If an order has been placed but payment hasn't been completed then the order will come through to Veeqo in the Payment Required filter. Once payment has been completed on PrestaShop the Veeqo order will be updated as paid right away.

Import order tags?

When enabled all new orders that have been tagged on PrestaShop will also show the same tags in Veeqo.

When an order is shipped in Veeqo, update my store and mark the order as 'shipped'?

If you want to use Veeqo to ship your orders then make sure this option is switched on so we can update the order statuses on your PrestaShop store too!

Send my customer a shipping confirmation email when an order is shipped in Veeqo?

If you'd like to send a shipping confirmation which would include the tracking numbers assigned to the order then switch this option on. You can edit the template of this email by going to Settings>Email Templates. If you'd like to use the template make sure the option 'Should Veeqo send order email and shipping confirmations to your customers instead of PrestaShop?' is also switched on.

Should Veeqo send order email and shipping confirmations to your customers instead of PrestaShop?

With this switched on Veeqo will send both order and shipping confirmations to your customers instead of PrestaShop.

How Stock Quantity Should Be Synced:  

You can create stock pushing rule to change the amount of stock pushed from Veeqo to this PrestaShop store. Any rule that is set, will be applied to all products on this store. For more information on each rule, you can use check out the guide How To Filter Inventory Levels Sent To Your Store

Selecting your Ranking Warehouse:

When orders are created for this store, Veeqo will allocate stock from your warehouses in the order they are ranked by here. You can also select whether your warehouse is active or not for this particular store.


  • Warehouse 1 - London Warehouse
  • Warehouse 2 - New York Warehouse

Any orders for this PrestaShop store will allocate inventory from Warehouse 1 - Main Warehouse for all it's orders. If there's no stock left in this Warehouse, Veeqo will then try to find stock in Warehouse 2 - New York Warehouse.

To push stock levels to PrestaShop, Veeqo uses the inventory total of all warehouses. This does not include warehouses that are disabled for this store.

Hit 'Save' 


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