When a customer is eligible for a refund or to return their items you should create a new Return Request.  

Creating a Return Request: 

  • Search for the Customers order

  • Bring up the Order Summary and scroll down to the Order Breakdown section.

  • Click Return Request 

  • Adjust the quantity of items you want to Refund and Return.

Stock Column
Requested Return: Number of items due to be returned. Stock will be adjusted when they are received at the location.

Refund Qty: Number of items to be refunded when payment is confirmed
Per Unit: Refund you are issuing per unit

Note: For products that are unshipped all refunded items must also be marked as returned. When you create the request these items will automatically go back into available stock.

If you need to wait for items to be returned to the location before the next action should take place

If you have received the item back from the customer, use this action

Ready To Refund
If you or someone else is due to process the refund payment later on and the customer is not due to return any items or the refund can be paid before any items are returned. 

If you have already processed the refund outside of Veeqo, not expecting any stock to be returned by the customer and the request will be Marked As Paid

Using this action will mark the Return as Archived.

If you would like to mark items as Received follow This Guide 


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