Cancel WooCommerce Orders
Updated over a week ago

The order on the WooCommerce store will be updated with the 'Cancelled' status once it has been cancelled in Veeqo. The customer won't be refunded, so this part of the cancellation process should be performed on the WooCommerce store. 

Depending on your plugin settings the customer will be sent an eMail from your WooCommerce to notify them that the order has been cancelled.

1. From the Orders screen click onto a specific product to bring up the Order Summary, then press Cancel Order to begin the cancellation process


2. Select the settings that you'd like to apply to this order:

  • Restock Items - With this ticked any stock allocations attached to the order will be put back into the Veeqo inventory. Veeqo will automatically update all your stores with the latest stock figures for these items

  • Cancel Reason - add any notes for the reason why this order was cancelled for future reference.

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