After you have completed Steps 1-9 on the Setting Up Your WooCommerce Store you can connect your WooCommerce site to Veeqo using the WooCommerce plugin. Alternatively, you can upload the Bridge Connector file manually by following the Upload Bridge File article.

1. From the Settings > Stores page click onto the WooCommerce store you added.

2. When the window pops up scroll down to the section that has the Bridge URL. Copy the link text by clicking with the left mouse button and selecting the text, then Right Click>Copy

Please Note: If you can't find your bridge file link please allow 15 minutes for it to be generated. You may need to refresh the page after 15 minutes for it to show up.

3. With the Bridge URL copied head over to your Wordpress admin area and go to Plugins>Add New

4. In the search bar type in Veeqo For WooCommerce and press the Install Now button.

5. Once the plugin has installed Activate it then click on Veeqo from the Wordpress menu

6. Paste the BRIDGE URL link that you copied in Step 2 into Store Key field, then hit Connect

If the Bridge URL has been accepted you should get the following message. If you don't see this make sure you used the Bridge URL and not the Store Key.

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